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If you're ready to be more proactive and be the "little hinge that can swing big doors" then this is a must-listen podcast. Join your host Liz Van Vliet and learn practical tips, strategies and insights that will help you move beyond being simply an order-taker.
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Nov 21, 2022

It’s a delight to bring you my interview with Candice Burningham, the Founder of Admin Avenues and a former Executive Assistant to some of the biggest names in media. 

Leaders Candice has supported include the President of NBC News International, Managing Director of Channel 9 and CEO of SBS.

Candice is the Founder of Admin Avenues, an online platform specialising in administrative roles. Launched in late April 2022, it is fast becoming the go–to place for matching candidates with recruiters and employers in the Australian marketplace.

At the time of launch Candice stated that “After 20 years in the industry, I could see a gap in the market for a place where Australian admin job seekers could find great roles and where employers could find qualified admin candidates,”

In our chat we talk about the vision Candice has for Admin Avenues to become a “one stop shop” for all admin roles. It comes to market with the ambition to provide a more curated jobs portal from the established employment platforms.

We also discuss Candice’s experience as an EA and her observations around what it takes to survive and thrive in the role. 

Grab yourself a beverage and settle in for a fantastic discussion with a leader in the admin community and someone you can expect to hear more and more great things coming from.

To connect with Candice and Admin Avenues go to

Sign up for the newly announced FREE membership option here

Oct 31, 2022

Episode 163 is my interview with Jeanette Botha.

Jeanette is an experienced business leader and currently VP of Sales Development for a multi-national based in Bonn, Germany.  Her main responsibility is leading all Sales initiatives, programs and initiatives with the 40 EU countries to deliver their revenue targets. 

Jeanette is also an ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited coach with a specific focus on empowering professionals with the presentation skills to ensure they are visible in their organisation. Jeanette says:

"Your work doesn't have vocal cords, my friend. It can't speak for itself."

In this wide-ranging interview we cover:

- Navigating career spider frame, moving from South Africa to Germany. 

- How in her experience, “the next best step is not always up”

- Shares her experience of believing that simply being great at her job would make her visible and promotable and the hard lessons she can share in this area where she had to push herself out of her comfort zone and make herself visible

- Valuable tips on presentation skills - that they’re underrated “they’re the black sheep of corporate skills”, not a “nice to have, but a must”.

- How being visible within the org is key to you being seen not just for career profession but also to be visible as role models for others.

- A fantastic suggestion that you as an assistant get time in team meetings…helpful for you to start developing your presentation skills. Helps others see you as an equal member of the team. Opportunity for you to stand up and stand out.

- How presentation skills build your ability to communicate your value

- Why you need to get comfortable with nerves


Four tips for how to get present more effectively

  1. How the word Confidence comes from the Latin word ‘fidera’ which means ‘to trust yourself’ and that is an intentional decision we can make for ourselves
  2. Remember the importance of being concise so your message doesn’t get lost
  3. The value of learning how to use pace in delivering your content and your message. When we speak too fast, we can seem nervous.
  4. Managing pause fillers. Something we do when we stop to think. 

Listen right to the end to hear about a brilliant free tool that Jeanette is making available for you to get an understanding of the strengths you already possess as a presenter and how you can amplify them.

You can find Jeanette's website and the link to the tool here:

Connect with Jeanette on LinkedIn


Oct 18, 2022

This week's solo episode is a 'love letter' to the committed and concerted efforts of the delegates, members and observers that attended Week 1 of the WA-Summit this past weekend.

If you aren't already aware of the tireless work being undertaken by this global coalition of administrative networks and associations then I encourage you to familiarise yourself with it.

If you want evidence of the outcomes that this group of volunteers have delivered, look no further than the Global Skills Matrix which you can find details of here:

I'd love to connect with you if we haven't already done so.

You can find me on Instagram and LinkedIn

Oct 4, 2022

Episode 161 is a solo episode sharing an article I recently read in the Harvard Business Review by Liz Wiseman, author of Impact Players: How to Take the Lead, Play Bigger, and Multiply Your Impact.


I shared a book review in Episode 145 that you should listen to if you’d like an overview of the book and the valuable research Liz shares. You can find the episode here:


The other authors that I’ve interviewed on the podcast and feel you should definitely listen to if you haven’t already are Jo Miller, author of Woman of Influence: 9 Steps to Build Your Brand, Establish Your Legacy, and Thrive and Andrea Clarke, author of Future Fit: How to Stay Relevant and Competitive in the Future of Work.


You can find the links to these episodes below:

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Sep 19, 2022

Episode 160 is my interview with Steuart Snooks, Based in Melbourne, Australia, he is an Email and Workplace Productivity Expert.

Steuart works with business owners, senior executives, their EAs and support teams who are overloaded with email and crying out for practical, affordable solutions to the relentless demands of email and the workload it drives.

Steuart has over 25 years’ experience in researching and developing best practices for managing incoming email and workload and restoring email to its rightful place as a powerful tool to facilitate improved workplace and personal productivity.

Steuart has developed a breakthrough method that revolutionises the way Executives and their EAs/PAs manage their inboxes. It aims to elevate the skills and knowledgeof the EA/PA to free up their time, energy, and headspace so they can offer greater support to their Executive who can then focus on the higher-order thinking, strategic focus, andleadership aspects of their role.

Much of this work is done with the EA/PA, minimising the time commitment needed by the Executive.

In the episode Steuart shares:

- the three pillars of his framework and why they are key to your effectiveness

- simple tips to revolutionise your inbox (and your executive's) NOW

- how you can find out more about the tactics that will make managing your executive's inbox and your own email less stressful and time consuming.

Connect with Steuart on LinkedIn

Find out more about Steuart's online courses:

Sep 5, 2022

In order to assist with impact you need to be trustworthy, to be that safe pair of hands for your executive. But for you to reach that point you also need to have built and maintained your crediblity.

In Episode 159 of the podcast I share some Stephen M. R. Covey wisdom with you. The four must-do's if you want to be seen as credible. He explored these core elements in his book The Speed of Trust. 

I also discuss this article which talks about the idea of "2 percenters" and how small things can be integral to you building credibility and trust.

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Aug 16, 2022

The final episode in my little three-part series with tips and strategies to help you lift your effectiveness when it comes to managing your Executive's inbox and crafting emails.

In this final episode of the series I share 3 'mini' tips that will hopefully be of benefit to you.

Upping your email effectiveness builds the partnership between you and your executive. It allows you to earn trust and builds confidence in you as a safe pair of hands.

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Aug 1, 2022

My second hack for upping your effectiveness is about the structure of your emails.

It’s an approach called BLUF which stands for Bottom Line Up Front

A BLUF (bottom line up front) is a framework where the essential information is placed at the beginning of the text, rather than the end. The BLUF framework makes you more credible. You will sound more crisp and confident. That sends a powerful signal that you know your stuff.

Jul 18, 2022

Welcome to the first of a three-part series designed to help you be more proactive and effective.

In this episode I share an approach to crafting email subject lines that have more impact.

Effective subject lines clearly communicate the action you expect or want the recipient to take. 

It’s effectively cuing the person - saving them time and mental energy as they scan their inbox.

This simple approach uses square brackets that show the abbreviated action or keyword.

Square brackets stand out visually so the cue will be clearer

Implementing this approach requires you to be proactive. Incorporating this approach will require you to discuss with your exec to agreen on the abbreviations are that you’re going to use.

Jun 20, 2022

Ursula Kohler understands just how vital an effective EA can be for their manager and their organisation. As the founder and MD of Capital EA, Ursula is a leader and advocate for upskilling and training EAs in Australia so that they can cultivate a "can do" solution focussed attitude. 

It was an honour to interview Ursula for the podcast. It is a 'high-water' mark for me as a host to feature someone of Ursula's calibre. Both in terms of what she delivered as an EA herself and in terms of what she delivers as a provider of training, mentoring and coaching to EAs around Australia.

Connect with Ursula and Capital EA here:

Find Ursula on LinkedIn:

And on social media:

Learn more about the Lead EA Network:



- How Ursula identified her strengths early in life 

Jun 7, 2022

While our emotions have evolved to help us, there are times when our emotional responses no longer serve us for a variety of reasons. Unwanted emotional triggers can range from being a minor nuisance, to in some instances, leading us towards behavior we may later regret.

I like to say we are human beings, not human doings. Assistants are required to give and receive feedback. 

Being able to stay 'above the line' in terms of our thinking and behaviour is a key part of being able to Assist With Impact.

Understanding the six triggers that can get in the way of us being able to engage with people in a healthy and productive way is an essential part of knowing yourself.

In this episode I share:

- six emotional triggers that can be at play in our relationships

- how awareness of these triggers can help us avoid an Amygdala Hijack (what happens when emotion takes over and our lizard brain fires up)

- why this self awareness is important

I hope you enjoy the episode.

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May 23, 2022

Lauren Calvert is a Strategic Business Partner and career EA with over 15 years experience working with CEOs of multi-national and blue chip organisations.

In 2019 Lauren launched The Well-Suited Group -  a ‘go to’ agency for businesses and individuals in need of premium administrative support, creating opportunities for women in senior executive support roles seeking more flexibility and partnering with CEO’s and companies who value good support and champion flexibility that works for all.

Listen to this interview to hear Lauren describe her own experience navigating the career spider frame (as I like to call it). 

Lauren shares how she developed the combination of project management skills and commercial acumen led to her moving out of the Executive Assistant role and how she intentionally returned to the role of EA because of the opportunity to partner with her business leader to deliver strategic business support.

You can connect with Lauren at The Well Suited Group:





May 10, 2022
In Episode 152 I'm sharing the outcome of a 'laser' coaching session I had recently with an Executive Assistant earlier this year. Listen to this episode to hear:

1. The situation/context

2. The gaps we identified and the steps I suggested to help this assistant reset and re energise the relationship and build trust and confidence

3. The five challenges that I present to all assistants who seek out my assistance and why these five challenges are built on intentional communication with your manager

4. Five simple actions you can take RIGHT now if you are looking to assist with impact.


Apr 28, 2022

I'm sharing some exciting news in this episode of the podcast that I hope you will be excited about too.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on my news so feel free to email me at or send me a message on LinkedIn or Instagram



Apr 10, 2022

Episode 150 is the third in my series on the three biggest challenges I hear from Executive Assistants.

In this episode I share my own struggles with this topic and how I strive every day to overcome lack of confidence.

I share three resources to help you continue to make progress with building and maintaining your confidence.

I also celebrate that I've reached the milestone of 150 episodes. How this topic is so close to my heart, so it seems serendipitous (you know I love that word) that in this milestone episode I can reach out to you, my lovely listeners, and give you some ideas for lifting yourself up.

Resource 1 - The Confidence Spiral

My Instagram carousel where I shared how it works:

Resource 2

Blog Post - 5 Ways Emotionally Intelligent People Boost Their Confidence at Work

Resource 3

Book - Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand in the Sun and Be Your Own Person (Shonda Rimes)

Mar 27, 2022

The second episode in my trio of episodes focusing on the top three challenges I hear from Executive Assistants.

This one is all about how to manage priorities. 

I share three concepts and approaches to managing the shifting sands that EAs deal with on a continual basis.

Resources discussed in this episode:

Resource #1

Book - Managing Up by Mary Abajay

Resource #2

Blog post -

An Administrative Assistant’s Guide To Coping With Conflicting Priorities

Resource #3

Priority Matrix

Urgent vs Important - Stephen Covey

Also look at the Eisenhower Matrix 

Mar 15, 2022
Feeling unable to say no is one of the biggest challenges that I hear from Executive Assistants. In this episode and in coming episodes I will be sharing with you the top three challenges I hear from EAs when I survey them prior to delivering my training programs.  In each episode I will share three tools, tactics or resources to help you meet this challenge.

Resources discussed in this episode:

Tim Ferriss Podcast - How to Say “No” Gracefully and Uncommit (#328)

Book - Ury, William. The Power of A Positive No

Jan 5, 2022

A solo episode kicking off 2022 with a book recommendation. 

- What defines a 'giver', a 'taker' and a 'matcher'

- Why this applies particularly to Executive Assistants

- How I relate to being a failing giver and the cost it takes on me

- How it applies to my word of 2022

- My wish for you, my lovely listener

Watch the TEDx talk where Adam Grant talks about these concepts here

Read more about the book here: